why give to Curb?

The staff of Curb is extremely grateful for monetary donations. Sponsoring Curb shows that your business is invested in Wisconsin’s rich and diverse community. By funding and investing in Curb Pause, you help provide a unique educational opportunity for bright and motivated students who strive to share their hard work with others and being their vision to life.


levels of sponsorship

All sponsors will receive recognition at our launch party and will have their website link placed on our magazine’s website, curbonline.com. Certain levels of sponsorship merit recognition in print. No donation goes unappreciated.

We truly appreciate your consideration.

Bronze: $1-$250: Your logo placed on our website’s “Sponsorship” page

Silver: $250-$500: Your logo placed at the top of our website’s “Sponsorship” page and a text mention in the print edition

Gold: $500+: Your logo placed at the top of our “Sponsorship” page and in the print edition