What is Curb?

Curb is an award-winning, non-profit publication produced by students in the UW-Madison School of Journalism. In the 16th edition of Curb Magazine, we will explore what it means to be in a constant ebb and flow that colors our interactions and shapes us. This magazine looks at the forces framing our future, while preserving our past. From the personal to the societal, Curb 2017 will illustrate our motions as Wisconsinites.

The Print Magazine

Each page is alive with the motion of Wisconsin. The 16th edition of Curb Magazine is filled with exquisite images, thought provoking stories and investigative reporting. Our dedicated staff has carefully crafted this issue to depict the kinetic energy that surrounds us and propels us into the future. We have worked hard to maintain the Curb legacy of quality journalism and design.

The Online Publication

Each year, the online edition of our magazine is viewed by tens of thousands people across the nation. The online version includes longer articles, additional infographics and exclusive video content. Our website gives a more in-depth look into the stories we dedicated ourselves to this semester. A tablet version is available as well.

Your Help

In addition to creating content we are incredibly proud of, we are also fully responsible for raising the funds necessary to circulate, produce and print our magazine. Every penny we raise will go towards the publication and our final launch party celebration in December. Curb is not possible without your help, and every donation makes a difference. Thank you for your support!

 Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Dear Future Business Partner,

My mom always knew I was up to something when the house was quiet. In moments of silence, she could be sure I was taking every item of clothing out of my drawers or quietly escaping to the neighbor's house — either way I was on the move: running, jumping and dancing my way to become the person I am today. Identity is not only created by life’s momentous events but also a culmination of quiet movements.

“Kinetic,” the theme of Curb Magazine’s 16th edition, describes the stories we tell of citizens’ movements both big and small, and how those actions shape who we are and what we will become.

Wisconsin is comprised of nearly 5.8 million people who are constantly changing our state’s identity, while holding fast to what makes us unique. Whether they are giving new life to the polka dance, working tirelessly to close the achievement gap in school or brewing a new craft beer — the people of Wisconsin are always on the move.

This issue strives to offer a much-needed break from the national news cycle that thrives on a narrative of extremes, whether the headlines are of chaos or progress. In this edition of Curb, we offer you neither extravagance nor sensationalism, but rather insight into the movements that are taking place in your own backyard.

We invite you now to be a part of that movement. Last year, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites read both the print and online issue of our magazine. Advertising with Curb is an opportunity to bring greater awareness to your company and generously help future journalists make their own movements forward.

We hope you will join us in our endeavor to remain constantly kinetic.

With love,
Taylor Palmby