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At times I find myself tossing and turning at night, mulling over all the possibilities that lie in front of me. Even though I’m indecisive, there’s one thing I’m certain of — without decisions, we wouldn’t exist. In fact, the choices of those who came before us have led us to where we are today and every deciding factor has molded us into who we are now.

Every day we continue to confront new challenges that have the power to stop us in our tracks — sometimes leaving us at a crossroads in our journey. This uncertainty forces us to ask: which way should we go when the directions aren’t always left or right? Whether big or small, every choice can alter the course and even cause us to lose our way. Luckily, they can also help guide us, and through each new path, there’s an opportunity for discovery. 

With 2020 on the horizon — and ultimately a new decade coming into view — we must continue to navigate our way through a labyrinth of decisions, where the future can’t always be seen with perfect vision. 

Wisconsin is no exception. The direction we choose to take from here will change our destination, shaping the state, the next generation and beyond. In the 18th edition of Curb, we explore this uncharted territory and share stories of choice. 

From our political fate as a swing state to the looming threat of climate change affecting the homes, farms and communities we live in, our choices are becoming more important now than ever. This issue uncovers the decisions Wisconsinites must face as we transition into a period of tremendous transformation. 

Though navigating that journey may seem daunting, Curb will guide readers on a path into the unknown, seizing the opportunity to grow and learn in every route we encounter. These decisions aren’t always easy, but we hope readers will see that choice doesn’t have to be confining. It can empower us to find ourselves — no matter which direction the compass leads us.  

By choosing to advertise with Curb, you can help steer us to our destination, leaving a mark on more than 10,000 Wisconsin alumni who are making meaningful decisions in every stage of life. With your support, we’ll embark together on a mission to unravel stories across the state, from small towns to big cities.

We invite you to join us in this adventure through every twist and turn in the journey. After all, the possibilities are limitless.           


 Kayla Huynh, Editor in Chief

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