Curb Magazine
To our future partners,

Call it irrational, but as a senior in college I still fear thunderstorms. It’s the booming that wakes me up abruptly in the middle of the night, to the flashes that turn the sky into a light show. As a child I would hunker between my parents and cover my head with pillows to muffle the noise and hide from the storm. Today thunderstorms still give me sleepless nights, though more and more I find myself yearning to confront my fear and chase down the storm.

In our 17th edition of Curb we wanted to focus on something so radically different that explores risk, the unknown and courage. We wanted to test ourselves and push boundaries to see what overcoming challenges could bring. In other words, we set out to turn fear into this year’s magazine: “Fearless.”

Wisconsin faces its own unique set of obstacles, as any state does. Those who call the Dairy State home have feared for their farms, future and their families. We take on the stresses of starting a business or living up to societal standards. However, it’s us, the people that push through every day, confronting fears, big or small, that make us fearless beings.

This year we will meet what scares, leaving no rock uncovered. We hope to explore tenacity and heart in unexpected places and experience perils and possibility with unexpected outcomes. In this issue, we’re plunging into the unknown.

We encourage you to come along for this ride, knowing what it’s like to face a fear to achieve a dream. Last year Curb spread to all corners of the state, with tens of thousands of readers online and in print. Advertising in “Fearless” puts you in the hands of UW-Madison alumni who relate to risk and overcoming obstacles. For you, an advertisement is a reminder of the places you came from to the success you have achieved. For us young journalists, it’s a reminder of the leaps we’re able to take due to the support we have behind us.

Like other fears, thunderstorms have limited me to enclosed spaces. Through “Fearless,” Curb is setting out to break down these walls and dance in the rain. We hope you will too.


    Olivia Jones, Editor in Chief